5 Easy and Beautiful Ways to Repurpose Old Books from the Thrift Store

Old books have a certain allure about them.

Be it the musty smell of wilted paper, the sepia toned, coffee stained pages, or the vintage typography that dresses the spine like a well fit suit....some of us just can't resist picking them up, and giving them a feel, often leaving a thrift store, or flea market sale with several in tow. 

Unfortunately, once home, many of times these books tend to get sent to the "stuff that just sits" pile, with no intention of returning to the real world.

They hardly get read, or sold for much value, or even given away to libraries, as most are clearing out their old stock as well. 

To those that are brave enough to sacrifice a book or two (especially the ones that may be falling apart anyway) there are some solutions to breathing life into an old, musty book, should you dare.

Tip: Before dismantling any old books, please look up the history and/or value for free by clicking here, to avoid a potential crisis when you've discovered your book is worth millions!! (hey, we can dream right...) 

1. The "Book" Bag

The "Book" Bag

Photo: countryliving.com

Just a few cheap materials, and a dedicated afternoon will have you styling and profiling in this awesome vintage book handbag. 

The full tutorial can be found here.

2. The Vintage Book Clock

The Vintage Book Clock

Add a touch of vintage charm to your night stand, dresser, or shelf with this quick and simple vintage book clock tutorial by hillcitybride.com.

3. The Vintage Book Secret Stash Box

The Vintage Book Storage Box

Photo: makeanddocrew.com

The options are limitless when it comes to storage boxes!

This tutorial by makeanddocrew.com shows you exactly how to make these tempting little stash boxes. 

4. The Growing Book

The Growing Book

Photo: confettidaydreams.com

There are a million and one ways to "skin a cat", so they say.

There is also a million and one ways to plant a succulent, including in an old book as shown here in this post by confettidaydreams

5. The Old Book Bookmark

The Old Book Bookmark

Photo: craftsalamode.com

Craftsalamode.com did an excellent job explaining how to craft these amazing old book bookmarks from vintage book spines. 

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There is a heavy feeling that comes with projects sitting around on your to-do-list.

Take your enthusiasm and try one of these simple projects today.

They all make great gifts, and it's never too early to start projects for the holidays! 

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that sounds fun too Roberta!

Roberta Burke

You can even paint book covers! I have done it and added decorative molds out clay.

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