Pedro A. Ventallo Historic Manuscript - Handwritten - 19th Century Vellum Book

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This book is a true rare segment of history.

Our research indicates it is a one-of-a-kind, hand written account of the famous author Pedro Antonio Ventallo, from Tarrasa, Spain. 

The Box

  • The box shown in these photos has accompanied the book since discovery in 2014. It is not an original box and is not indicative to the time period from which this book came.
  • The spine text on the box reads, "Yearbook of Agriculture 1928 STRI Smithsonian Libraries". 
  • Inside the box shows "Smithsonian Libraries" insignia.
  • The book fits snugly inside the box for protection.

The Cover

  • The cover of this book is made of vellum - a leather like parchment made of animal skin. 
  • It is thick and sturdy and shows signs of delicate use, appropriate to it's age.
  • The spine reads, "OHISI CA" in handwriting.
  • There are rope fasteners threaded through the meat of the cover, but they do not attach to closures. They simply drape gracefully down the side of the pages.

The Embossed Stamp

  • Inside the very first page of the book, is an embossed stamp that reads "PEDRO A. VENTALLO TARRASA".
  • There is no other known author noted inside the book. His embossed stamp is the only indication noting who it ever may have belonged to.

Table of Contents

  • Handwritten in Latin.
  • Shows evidence of being a mathematical/science reference book.

Title Page

  • Reads - "PHILOSO PHIA NATURALIS, PHYSIOLOGICA INSCRIPTA, ADNOR MAM Veterum Recentioruma Philosophorum elabora ta PROLEGOMENA IN Phsicam."
  • Direct English translations in order as they appear:
    • Philosophy 
    • Natural
    • Physiological
    • Notice
    • Swim Form
    • Early
    • Philosophers
    • Drafted
    • formal essay or critical discussion serving to introduce and interpret an extended work
    • Physics
  • There is a superbly unique hand drawn illustration at the bottom of the title page. It reveals a variety of characters including two faces that appear to be projecting from the inside of a book.
  • They present angel wings and are surrounding a central heart, with an arrow piercing straight through the middle.
  • There is a hovering object above the cherubs, and they are placed upon what seems to be a renaissance style mantle, or top piece of furniture.

Inside the Book

  • There is an obvious scent of iron gall ink present within the pages of the book.
  • Several pages towards the middle of the book have suffered from deterioration due to the heavy presence of iron gall ink.
  • There is bleeding ink present throughout the pages of the book.
  • There are symbolic illustrations, charts and geometry references weaved into the context and along side of pages.
  • Features a fold out parchment paper in the center of the book that depicts 3 globes and an armillary sphere at the top of the page. 
  • The words Asia and America are noted on the first globe. The other two globes have features such as bodies of water.
  • There are 5 pages cut carefully from inside the book, and the handwriting seems to significantly change part way through the book.
  • The language shifts from Latin to Spanish partway through the book as well. 
  • Several pages show "problems" and "declarations" regarding his research. 

Back of Book

  • The back of the books shows signs of wear. It's spine has come unglued from the binded pages.
  • Despite the separation, the book binding itself is in excellent condition. The separation of the cover from the binding shows us the intricate detail of the hand stitched pages.
  • There is a pencil mark written inside the back page of the book that reads, "5000-", possibly signifying this book was for sale or purchased at least once before. We are not able to conclude which currency the dash (-) could be referencing. 


  • Weight 1lb. 1.1 oz (book only without box)
  • Dimensions 8in x 6in x 1.5in (book only)
  • 496 Pages


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